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IHMT was founded by Jean-Manuel Toussaint. The first IHMT MedSales Reports were launched in 2001, focused on Cardiac Rhythm Management technologies . IHMT is now active in many other medical device sectors  in Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, other EMEA Countries and USA.


CEO and Owner

  • >25 years experience providing strategic information to leading medical device companies, including:

    • Extensive work with market sales and patient data sets

    • Direct support to the French Ministry of Health (2003)

    • Instructor for geosoftware and IT issues, University of Rouen, France

  • Geographic marketing expert, Medtronic Europe, Tolochenase, Switzerland (1998 – 2001) 

  • Fluent in English & French





 Chief Technical Officer [CTO] & Associate

  • >25 years experience providing technical expertise and data visualization solutions, including:

    • ​​Support in high-availability production systemsTechnical

    • Architect and project manager specialized in Support and Deployment

    • Services High focus on code quality, following coding standards & conventions







Board Member and US advisor, IHMT USA LLC*

  • >30 years experience in the MedTech industry:

    • Economic strategist for pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies, working with both public and private payor systems

    • Sr. Vice President, Global Reimbursement (AdvaMed)

    • Founder of HullAssociates, a strategic government affairs and economic strategy firm specialized in medical product market access & reimbursement issues, in the major global markets of the world

*IHMT USA LLC is an affiliate of IHMT, and a limited liability corporation registered in the state of Delaware.


EMEA Chief Administrative Officer [CAO]

  • Desk research

  • Hospital mapping

  • Company administration

  • Accounting


Arida, ARtificial Intelligence for DAta Processing

  • ​Send notifications and warnings

  • Improve production efficiency

  • Check production quality

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