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Since 2001, IHMT has been known in the MedTech industry for sales tracking data with unparalleled precision and timeliness. After two decades of success in Europe, IHMT, through its affiliate IHMT USA, is offering new insights about US hospital sales in most major medical technology categories. Our services are designed to provide sales, marketing and finance teams the information they need most -- up to date sales trends, by specific product category, in each hospital account in the USA.


IHMT MedSales Reports

Access IHMT quarterly reports on the medical device markets critical to your products

Across the medtech industry, commercial managers and executives struggle to set realistic objectives and build strategic plans in real time with conventional sources.  IHMT is the only resource that provides quarterly direct sales data at country, regional, hospital, sales rep and product levels.

Each quarter, IHMT MedSales Reports  provide market insights and in-depth analyses to help you best manage and understand your business - with minimal time lags and at a level of detail no other service provides.

Our experience over 20 years of serving medical technology companies has been driven by unique data offerings, unparalleled customer service, data quality and timeliness.

The US Team

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100 Ledgewood Place, Suite 202, Rockland Mass 02370, USA

+001 (240) 486-6776

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