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Covid19 Mortality as of March 16, 2020

Dernière mise à jour : 2 avr. 2020

IHMT used the #WHO data to produce both #analysis below.

The first graph shows the #mortality rate among #Covid19 diagnosed population. Even if methods vary from a country to another, diagnosed people may mostly concern #patients with symptoms. Mortality among this patients #population is significantly high in Italy, Iran, China and Spain.

The second analysis shows #standardized death rate among population over 65 years old. Elderly data was collected from the world bank. #Age standardized data allows to remove the effect of the age on the number of #deaths : As #Covid19 mainly affects #elderlies, it is logical to have more deaths in a country you have a high percentage of elderlies.

So if we remove the age effect, the graph shows that the spread and the deaths impact of the #virus are now higher in Italy, Spain and Iran than it is in China and South Korea.

France, Switzerland, The Netherlands and the UK should overtake China and South Korea data in a few days. South Korea curve seems to flatten.

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